Topaz Studio 2

User Guide

Take a look at the comprehensive Topaz Studio 2 user guide. Topaz Studio 2 is an intuitive image effect toolbox built with Topaz Labs’ powerful photo enhancement technology.

Studio 2 Overview

Introduction to Studio 2, What’s New, System Requirements, Purchasing, Downloading a Trial, Installation

Importing and Exporting

Importing or Exporting an Image in Studio 2, Importing or Exporting in Photoshop or Lightroom to Studio 2


Filter Overview, How to Adjust Your Filters, Essential Filters, Creative Filters, Stylistic Filters, Topaz Plugins

Navigation Bars

Opening, Exporting, View Options, Zoom, Crop, Navigator, Histogram


How to Save, Where are My Projects, Opening an Existing Project

Using Studio 2

Using Studio 2 as a Standalone Editor, in Photoshop, in Lightroom, or in other external editors, and Troubleshooting 

User Interface

Understanding the Studio 2 Interface, “Add Filter” Menu, “Add Look” Menu, Saving a Look, Layers Panel


What is a Look, Previewing a Look, Applying a Look, Favorite Looks, Saving, Customizing, Masking a Look


Layer Mask, Masking a Look, Mask Functionality, Masking Options, Adjusting your Mask


Where is the Product Tour, Changelog, Updating Product Ownership, Updates, FAQ

Where are we going next?

Your input is valuable to us and we want to hear from you. Check out the Studio 2 Roadmap and vote on what’s most important to you in the development of Topaz Studio 2.  See our upcoming goals and tell us what you’d like to see us add to Studio 2.


Studio 2 Tutorials

Find written and video tutorials to guide you through creative processes in Topaz Studio 2. Start creating a masterpiece today!

Topaz Help Center

Got a question? We’ve got answers. Find troubleshooting, tips, and more, or contact our Support Team.

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